Welcome to Haflinger Haven

Haflinger Haven is a family owned and operated farm in the North Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Haflingers are a small horse/large pony breed developed in Austria. They are hardy, easy to keep and generally easy to train and work with. They are a natural kids horse and with their classic chestnut bodies and white/flaxen manes and tails, they are truly a beauty to behold.

Haflingers are capable of excelling at ANY riding or driving discipline. They are truly an all purpose, easy keeping horse.

Let our knowledgeable and courteous staff give you a farm tour, more information about the breed or help you find just the right Haflinger to fulfill your ambitions today!
Breed History in Brief:

The Haflinger is a small horse that was developed around the turn of the century in the Tyrol region of Austria (when South Tyrol, now located in northern Italy, was part of Austria). In this mountainous region, a small, agile horse was needed for transportation, logging and general purpose use. Haflingers needed to be heavier than the average "oriental" breeds such as the Arabian but not so heavy that they would need significant amounts of feed to maintain or loose their agility and surefootedness. 

During World War II, all Haflinger mares in the Tyrol region were purchased by the Armed Forces for the production of pack horses. The Haflinger was bred down and the smallest and most compact Haflinger stallions were used during this period. This image of a small, brown, mass-produced pack pony is what a lot of people still have in mind when they think of the Haflinger.  

Becuase of the hard work of Haflinger breeders and enthusiasts world-wide, the Haflinger has made a resurgence as a modern, lean but hardy, competitive horse in multiple events. 

Because the modern Haflinger is taller than its WWII counterparts, most can be ridden by adults, not just children. The modern Haflinger, though taller, has retained its hardiness, easy keeping (does not require a lot of expensive food or supplements) and gentle nature, winning the hearts of hundreds around the world.

Haflinger breed video in three parts:
This video was produced by Haflinger Owners Promotional Enterprise (HOPE).
More information on HOPE can be found on their website: www.haflingerhope.net.